Sassy Sarah advice column

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner folks and it’s time to be romantic-comedy level of emotions and gestures.

You don’t need to go all out and take your love to Anthony’s.
Cheap date ideas for broke college students.

Getting all romantic… on a Tuesday!

Movie night
Century Olympia theater has recliner chairs and discount tickets on Tuesdays. Remember to bring a blanket for extra cuddles.

Build a fort
Throwback to childhood, it will be a fun project for bonding and you could set up your computer inside the fort. #Netflixandchill

Window shop
Go for a walk and hit up thrift stores and antique shops. You’ll never know what you’re going to find and you’ll be able to show each other finds like you do with memes.

Cook Dinner Together
Brainstorm what you both want to eat and look for a recipe online. While you’re cooking, set up the table with a few candles for a special night in.

If you’re the outdoorsy type, explore countless local trails without traveling for more than an hour. You could even watch the sunrise or set from a peak with a picnic.

Go Roller Skating
Skateland prices are an average of $6 per person. If your partner is busy Tuesday night, congrats – Wednesday is dollar night!

Check out a Museum or Garden
There are many gardens and conservatories to see for free from Olympia to Seattle. Many museums offer student discounts and art shows are always cool to see.

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