Join a Club!

By: Jennifer Hastings

International Club Potluck photo by Jenn Hastings

International Club Potluck
photo by Jenn Hastings

As winter quarter approaches, new and returning students gain a feel for South Puget Sound Community College’s social and academic environment. There are more than 25 different clubs that you can join to enhance your extracurricular activities. The Writers’ Circle club helps students with their English skills while encouraging creativity with an “open” policy to free expression of ideas. Writing Club also publishes an annual Zine. The small magazine titled, “Purple Nights” includes writing pieces and photography from various club members.
The International Student Club works to promote unity and friendship. Students from all cultures are invited to interact and learn about cultural diversity while practicing their speech with one another. Shun, a student from Japan, joined the International Student Club this year. “It’s a place where we share our experiences. International students need a place to belong to. It’s good place to talk and improve our English. International students have a language barrier.” Shun speaks on behalf of the club’s advisor Liu Yang, “Liu’s lecture teaches us a lot like how to act in class and always motivates us.” Toza, a student from Saudi Arabia, is in his last quarter at SPSCC. He plans on attending St. Martin’s University to continue his education in Safety Engineering. “I like to meet different cultures and people.” says Toza, as the main reason for joining ISC. Americans are encouraged to join International Student Club as all nationalities are equally important to the group and could help assist in dissolving language barriers.

Dance Club photo by Jenn Hastings

Dance Club photo by Jenn Hastings

The Dance Club offers students an upbeat way to express themselves using body movements and choreography. I watched as they took turns dancing freestyle in the Student Union Building. “Right now we’re having a jam break. We just learned the choreography to “Thriller.” We’re learning steps to that weekly and added our own” says Chivan, Dance Club President. They’re currently teaming up with the Film Club to produce a film special of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Students can find access to club information such as meeting times and objective statements by visiting SPSCC’s website under Campus Life. The Student Life department can provide students with club information at the help desk upstairs.


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