Universities make visits to SPSCC campus

Submitted by Tallie Haller

South Puget Sound Community College students looking for opportunities to meet with regional and online colleges need look no further than the SPSCC Student Union Building.

A variety of Universities regularly come to SPSCC to showcase what their college has to offer throughout this fall and winter. Already, Washington State University, St. Martins University, and DeVry University have made appearances on campus.

Promoters for the Universities set up a booth in Building 27 and load onto their table an assortment of brochures, transfer information packets, and sometimes even fun, little giveaways.

The college booths are usually set up for two to four hour time periods, mostly in the mornings and early afternoons.

With these colleges presenting convenient opportunities for students to meet with them and ask questions, it seems a very beneficial program for colleges and students alike.
When interviewed however, many SPSCC students said they had no idea about this program.

For students who still remain unaware to these offerings, here is a rundown of the fall quarter university visits to the SPSCC campus:

Located about 5 miles from SPSCC, Evergreen is known for its unique inter-disciplinary, team-taught curriculum. It’s rated as one of the best colleges for pursuing environmental or television/film studies and is further known as a nonconformist college and a small-college bargain.
Showcase Dates: Nov. 29

A mere 10 minutes away from SPSCC, St. Martins is accredited for being a private Catholic institution with an emphasis on small class sizes. Lately, it’s most popular majors have been Business, Psychology and Engineering.
Showcase Dates: Nov. 14, Nov. 28 and Dec. 6

About 80 miles north of SPSCC, Northwest College of the Arts is an extremely small college with a very specific niche.
Situated in a scenic coastal town and offering degrees like Entertainment Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Design, and photography, this college is attractive to people focused on an artistic career.
Showcase Date: Nov. 20

Janet Helsper, the SPSCC coordinator of this program, said, “It’s a great way for our students to be able to connect with different colleges and universities. Books and websites are great for data and getting information, but to get an actual one-on-one with someone gives you a more three-dimensional feel.”