Smoking policy is absolute pandemonium!

Submitted anonymously.

The new smoking policy that was instated is absolute pandemonium! I do not have a vehicle – I ride the bus – and I think it’s ludicrous to expect someone to travel all the way off campus just to smoke.

I am a recovering heroin addict who has nine months clean from all illicit substances, including alcohol, and for me smoking has a certain therapeutic value that helps me deal with the “living” aspect of life.

If anything, it would be more appropriate to have a couple areas that are designated for smoking only. But to ban smoking campus wide, well, let’s just say that is mental and emotional abuse.

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  1. I agree with having maybe a couple places to smoke, just not where people would walk by. As someone who is very allergic to cigarette smoke I really love that I can finally walk to my classes without becoming ill. Also, people can still smoke at the bridge relatively hassle free from what I understand. So that’s something for now.

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