Political Opinion: Zach Lopossa

By Zach Lapossa

There are many problems with politics, some of them being the two party system, the lack of understanding, the media, the negativity surrounding the candidates, and so on. I’m going to address only one of these issues in hopes that I may bring to light the cause of the other issues.

The lack of understanding and the abundance of false interpretation and miscommunication in politics really lead to the big picture.

There is a reason that political science is an educational discipline that is studied. It takes time to be able to understand deep political concepts and apply them to a social context. There are many students all around the world that participate in higher education courses related to political science. It is something that must be learned through several classes just as much as any other science or math classes.

It seems, however, that people believe any opinion they have is credible and worthy of the world’s time when it relates to politics. They say phrases like, “I’m an American, and I have a right to have an opinion.” Many people let their political ideas run too close to their own personal or philosophical beliefs.

When two students are discussing a deep mathematical idea, another student usually does not barge into the conversation, and say something like, “I’m a student, and I have a right to have an opinion about math.” That would be absolutely ludicrous, but for some reason we allow people to do that exact thing when it’s related to politics.

I’m going to give one example. Many, many people I’ve talked to about Obama and Romney say the exact same things. “I don’t like Obama because he bailed out the banks. He’s a socialist.” “I don’t like Romney because he’s rich and white and changes his mind a lot.”

People don’t understand any of what they just said. I will do a quick fact check. The “bank bailout” or TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) was signed by President Bush on Oct. 3, 2008. Obama was not the one who bailed out the banks. He is far from socialist. Democrats have actually become more conservative over the years, and that can be found with just a little research.

Romney is rich and white and changes his mind a lot, and that is the description of every other United States president except for Obama, and that is only because he is not white. He is still rich, and changes his mind a lot.

I’m not here to advocate for a specific candidate, because my political opinion is not what matters in this particular piece of writing. I’ve never taken any classes remotely related to political science. The few facts I previously stated are readily available in libraries all over the world, on the internet, but certainly not by word of mouth.

Nobody looks up anything anymore. People tend to trust whatever the negative commercials have to say about both candidates. They don’t take into account the fact that sad violin music is usually being played in the background, and that they are usually only looking at one small aspect of that political candidate.

When I say people, I just mean the people that I’ve talked to that believe these false facts.

Uneducated people should not discuss politics in the same manner that two scholars discuss microbiology.

It is your right as an American to believe whatever you want to believe. I can’t argue that, but as a person, you could do so much better.

Politics is not just opinions. There are many, many facts in politics; you just have to look for them.

One quick search of any reliable source could be the answer to any political question you may have. There are always going to be hot topics such as gay marriage, abortion, and religious rights, and those do not have facts, and the answers are definitely opinion related. However, when it comes to more concrete ideas like the economy, and foreign policy, there are facts available. There are numbers and testimonies that can show us exactly how many soldiers have passed, or how much of the budget is spent on a particular resource.

I’m not telling anyone who to vote for or what to believe, but for the sake of humanity, please just take a few seconds to find the truth.

Thank you.