Paying the price for the vice

No one is willing to address the issue of what students that do not drive to the campus in their own vehicle are supposed to do if they want to smoke and do not have time to walk off campus in between classes.

The two major reasons for the smoking ban were health and trash. The majority of smokers smoked relatively close to the cigarette disposal containers that were placed around the campus by the campus. I am sure that many smokers would have no problem moving to other areas.

The issue many times is that the weather forces many to smoke in areas that are not acceptable. As a smoker I wish that many would see that we have to pay the price for our vice, but that is not always the case.

I understand that funding for smoking areas is unavailable. Many of the smokers that I have talked with are open to donating to a fund drive to pay for covered smoking areas. Some would even go as far as to purchase a smoking permit. Most smokers realize it is our choice and should not be imposed on others, but the terms of the smoking ban are a bit unfair to many smokers on campus; students, staff, and faculty.

In regards to the trash, should we not also ban sodas and energy drinks? I know that I see far more trash discarded around the campus from food items. Should we not ban eating outside of the cafeteria to minimize the trash from waste food packaging?

Finally, I have spent much time in an attempt to get in trouble for smoking on campus. I do not hide in the shadows, but I am not openly smoking in public areas. On Wednesday I finally receive a semi-formal infraction. My name and student ID number were taken and will, hopefully, be submitted to the vice president. I look forward to discussing this issue with whomever will listen to me. I plan to continue my campaign to the point just before it causes me serious academic repercussions. After which I will have to decide if SPSCC is still the environment where I wish to continue my education.

Submitted by Paul M. Zion