In Loving Memory of Professor Lynda Swanson

Submitted by: Toby Woods

This is dedicated to Ms. Lynda Swanson. I am writing this because Ms. Swanson has been an inspiration for me when I was first enrolled in this college. When I was first enrolled in this college, I took Ms. Swanson’s reading and English classes. I didn’t know that this was the beginning of something that I would later call a “fulfillment of purpose” which is the moment Ms. Swanson found the hidden skill that I never knew I had, which is writing.

The reason I use the phrase “fulfillment of purpose” is simply because I had problems pursuing my dream to one day start a not-for-profit organization to help my community. The problem was that, with all of the ideas I had, they were nothing but ideas.

I didn’t have the foundation or skills needed to express my dream in written form. My ability to put thoughts into written words was at the time difficult, and my sentence structure was alright at best. Ms. Swanson’s teaching style was the catalyst that made my transition from a confused writer to one that can inspire and motivate others with my words. Ms. Swanson once told me that she was impressed with my willingness to use my personal experiences in life to fuel my writings as well as our class discussions. She made me feel good about the work I put into my writings and motivated me to excel in my English and writing very quickly.

In closing, there are many stories of motivation from many different people in this world, and I’m sure that their stories are just as inspirational as mine. For me, I am a 37-year-old disabled minority who never had many opportunities and who has been discriminated against. I was told many times from jobs and even some family members that the chances for me being successful were not good and that I have many things against me. Having a purpose is the most important thing for me right now. Ms. Swanson was the one who helped me get closer to my dream of doing something great and fulfilling my purpose. I hope that these words that I wrote from my heart show whomever reads this that Ms. Swanson will always be in my life and my heart because she is, and always will be, a part of me. She will live on in my future writings and with me whenever I inspire, motivate, and encourage others in my life. I will miss Ms. Swanson. Thanks for everything and for believing in me.