ES Posthumus – Bittersweet sound (written by Sarah Colerick)

Franz Vonlichten (brother of Helmut Vonlichten) of E.S. Posthumus passed away this May.

Early last March the Vonlichten brothers began work on a holiday project that was to be released during the holiday seasons. Their vision was to re-arrange and record their favorite holiday songs and “bring something new to the party,” according to Helmut.

They only got to start recording one song before Franz passed away.

In a  Facebook posting circa November 2010 Helmut noted that “When Franz passed away last May, the project was barely off the ground; however, a lyric, piano sketch and rough vocal were completed on the new song.”

As kids, the Vonlichten brothers had a favorite arranger, Jeremy Lubbock. In memory of Franz and their childhood, Helmut reached out to Jeremy and asked if he would arrange the song for them. He humbly accepted.

Helmut managed to salvage the rough vocal that they recorded months earlier. He included it in the recording. In the same Facebook posting mentioned above Helmut dedicated the recording to Franz and he called it “Christmas Eve”.

“It is dedicated to Franz and I hope it brings you joy, comfort and a sense of nostalgia when you listen… I must forewarn you: it is not your typical ES Posthumus recording; however, I believe the spirit is the same…” said Helmut.

“Christmas Eve” is the last song that ES Posthumus would work on together. It is a product of the last recording session that the Vonlichten brothers had before Franz’s unexpected death and it marks the end of ES Posthumus.

According to Helmut, ES Posthumus started as a project created by two brothers and it will end as a project created by two brothers.

In a Facebook posting circa July 2010 Helmut thanked his fans and followers and he noted that the success of ES Posthumus was truly “grassroots.”

The success of ES Posthumus was “driven by a sense of community and word of mouth,” said Helmut.

In addition to that, Helmut said that his fans made things happen for ES Posthumus and for that he and his brother are eternally grateful.

Following his brother’s passing, Helmut stated that there may be one or two singles left to be released, one of them being “Christmas Eve.”

After that the group would break up indefinitely.