Construction portables take up disability parking spaces

As a part of the project to remodel Building 22 and the installation of the portables in Lot E next to Building 26 we lost 23 parking spaces.

Unfortunately the spaces we lost were all disabled parking spaces. The loss of those spaces means that the College is eight spaces short to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

This means that we must relocate those eight ADA spaces somewhere else.

To be compliant with ADA, the spaces need to have access to an ADA compliant sidewalk, not cross a roadway, and have an access aisle alongside each parking space. Ideally they would be located as close as possible to the buildings they serve.

The best and most centrally located area that I can place these spaces is in the lower area of Lot B between Building 23 and Building 21.

That parking area will become “disabled parking only” as soon as the signs can be installed and the appropriate lines painted.

This is a temporary solution to a temporary problem. When the Building 22 project is completed in two years we will again have our required number of disabled parking spaces and we can return parking around Building 23 to regular parking spaces.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and indulgence in parking a little farther away and walking a little more so that we meet our requirements for ADA and to better serve our disabled students, faculty, and staff.

Written by Lonnie Hatman, director of security