Retiree: Dorna Bullpit, Vice President for Instruction

Vice President for Instruction Dorna Bullpitt plans to retire for the second time June 30. Bullpitt has been the VPI since July 2007 when she decided to return to work after her first five-month venture into retirement. Before her first retirement, Bullpitt worked at Clover Park Technical College.

Intending to work as interim dean of social science for a seven-month stint, Bullpitt ended up working here at South Puget Sound Community College for the next six years as the VPI.

“I flunked retirement the first time,” said Bullpitt, “Even this time, I’m not sure if retirement will stick. If there’s an opportunity to work at the college on a project in the future, I might do it. You just never know.”

SPSCC President Timothy Stokes said, “Her dedication to improving the lives of students is tireless. SPSCC is better because of her dedication and loyalty.”

Bullpitt said she has seen a lot of changes over the years. She said, “One of the very first changes I was a part of was the reorganization of the instruction faculty, going from nine deans down to six for more efficiency.”

Bullpitt also helped initiate a program review process, in which the administration systematically reviews all of the college’s programs — their successes, where they would like to go next, and how to get there.
She said she has also spent time creating program and course assessments.

“I’ve worked very hard to make SPSCC a better place, but I couldn’t have done it without the awesome team of faculty I work with,” said Bullpitt.

“Dorna has a well-deserved reputation for hard work and resiliency. Her knowledge of both the college and the community makes our work at SPSCC easier,” said Dean of Humanities and Communications Mary Soltman, who has known Bullpitt for over 20 years.

Stokes said, “Dorna has had a distinguished career in higher education. We understand her desire to take some time to relax, travel, and spend a bit more time with family and friends.”

Bullpitt said she plans to do just that. She said she plans to go on a three-week trip to Europe this summer with her brother and sister-in-law.

“We’re going to start in Switzerland, travel down two famous rivers — most notably the Rhine river to Nuremburg, Germany, where we’ll travel around for the remaining two weeks,” said Bullpitt.

Bullpit also plans to visit her daughter in Michigan this fall.

Aside from traveling, Bullpitt said she wants to spend time quilting, gardening and volunteering.

Bullpitt said she will greatly miss the people, the challenges and the opportunities to see the college grow.

“Although I never got to work directly with many students, it’s been a pleasure to see their progression, from the first time they walk on campus to their walk across the stage at graduation,” said Bullpitt.

An interim VPI will be hired for summer and fall quarters while the college conducts a national search for candidates to fill the position.

The president’s staff, deans, faculty leadership, and classified staff will be appointing a screening committee to assist in “hiring someone as qualified and learning-centric as Dorna,” said Stokes.

Stokes said he anticipates a start date of January 1, 2014 for the new VPI.