Kathy Rhodes, dean of enrollment services, moving on

Kathy Rhodes, dean of enrollment services, has moved on to work at North Seattle Community College (NSCC) after working at South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) for the last 13 years.

Rhodes was given a “Farewell to Kathy!” party May 8, with her last day at SPSCC May 10.

Making the commute from Seattle to Olympia every day for work, Rhodes said she is looking forward to a shorter commute and to new challenges at NSCC.

Rhodes’ position at NSCC as dean of enrollment services will include working more with financial services and learning the system of how a district school works.

Rhodes said she is looking forward to new challenges and opportunities to learn more at NSCC.

Rhonda Coats, dean of student services, helped hire Rhodes for the dean position in March of 1999. Coats said Rhodes stood above everyone else for the position.

While working at SPSCC, Rhodes said her biggest accomplishments have been making a very blended staff that is all cross-trained in doing various jobs within enrollment services.

Rhodes said she is very proud that, “any faculty member can come up and serve a student.

Rhodes said she will miss students and staff the most at SPSCC.

Without Rhodes on campus, there is a big hole to fill, said Enrollment Services Program Coordinator Jean Walls.

Walls said Rhodes has been involved in every piece of student services.

Rhodes hired Walls 11 years ago, and Walls has watched as “in light of budget cuts, Kathy has been able to run the department with grace, style and humor.”

Faculty members at the goodbye party chipped in to remind Rhodes all she has done for this school.

Walls said Rhodes helped improve advising, has worked cooperatively with the Running Start program, and helped create the Degree Audit program.

Rhodes helped students getting started with college and also has helped them with the graduation process. Walls said Rhodes is to thank for making the graduation process all online, and cleaning up transcript ordering.

Brandon Pearson, office assistant for international students, said he has known Rhodes longer than anyone else in the school.

Pearson first met Rhodes when he was 17 years old, when she was his Running Start coordinator, before she became dean.

Pearson said he does not know where he would be without Rhodes. Without her help as a Running Start coordinator, he might not have graduated from high school, he said.

The Board of Trustees, including Coats, looked over applicants for the dean of enrollment position.

College President Timothy Stokes will interview the finalists to replace Rhodes.