Study Abroad strengthens resumes for globalized world

Ever thought about studying in another country? Want to improve your marketability in a globalized world?  SPSCC has just the thing for you with its ‘Study Abroad’ program.

Sherrie Buendel, the Study Abroad advisor, emphasized the benefits of the program. Among them was developing skills highly sought after by today’s globalized employers.

According to the Duke University Career Center, employers are not just looking for problem solving, analytical skills and social skills or character traits. They are also looking for candidates with adaptability and cross-cultural competency. What better way to develop these skills by studying in another country?

Studying abroad is also a great way to make interesting friends and learn more about yourself. In addition, it can expand your network both personally and professionally. As Buendel said, “This is a fantastic way to add something exciting to your resume.”

The program has two different models. The main difference is the length and structure of the trips. The topic of the class has an impact its structure. Some of the classes that allow you to become eligible for the study abroad program include anthropology, language and some select arts and sciences.

Photo courtesy of Sherrie Buendel from SPSCC Study Abroad.

Photo courtesy of Sherrie Buendel from SPSCC Study Abroad.

The shorter of the trips can be from two to four weeks abroad. The faculty members who teach the courses accompanies the group. Destinations include the South Pacific, Dunedin, New Zealand; Glasgow, Scotland and Japan. These trips are precluded by a few weeks of home study and followed up with a trip to the country in order to apply what is learned firsthand.

The longer trips can span an entire quarter. It is not faculty-lead. Instead, it is sponsored by the Washington Community College Consortium for Study Abroad (WCCCSA). Destinations include Florence, Italy; Costa Rica; Barcelona, Spain; London, England; Australia and Tokyo, Japan. This allows any student the chance to totally immerse themselves in their international studies.

Buendel can be contacted by phone at 360-096-5367 or through email at for more information.


Corrections November 7, 2014:
In the printed version of this article, a typo is made. The program is incorrectly spelled as Study Aboard, when the correct name is Study Abroad.