SuzAnne Steben: model and musician


Though Steben is a talented musician, she hopes to be a model.

SuzAnne Steben, second year student at South Puget Sound Community College, has quite the gift for music. Steben also likes to dabble in modeling.

Steben has been passionate about music “as long as [she] can remember.” According to her, the interest in music grew from the time her parents gave her her first recorder at the age of four.

“I just love the way music can affect me,” she said.

Steben plays many instruments but her principal instruments are a bit rarer than the usual guitar or drums. She plays the tuba and flute first and foremost, though she does not advertise her skills.

“I brought my flute out the other day; my roommate couldn’t believe how awesome I was at it!”

Steben was Principle Chair flute in the Conservatory Orchestra of Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia and won a spot in Olympia High School’s talented Wind Ensemble after only playing tuba for a month.

For tuba, her go-to-piece is “Red Cape Tango” by Michael Doherty, and her go-to piece for the flute is “Andante” by George Enesco.

For more casual, social settings Steben replaces “the clichéd guy with the acoustic guitar” with “girl who can actually play music.”

She can usually stun a crowd with her wide repertoire of songs, from renditions of Irish ballads to the famous Star Trek theme.

“I don’t think I will ever forget them,” she said. “They’re also easy and to anyone who doesn’t know or play flute, they sound pretty!”

Right now, Steben is working to finish her Associates in Arts degree at SPSCC “while working at, go figure, a music store.” Steben works at Westside Music Center in Olympia.

Additionally, as Steben light-heartedly joked, “lets people steal part of [her] soul,” as a model.

Ideally, she says she would like to be signed with a modeling agency for a career and be able to travel around the world. If that career plan falls through, Steben may take another route entirely and head her way down to beauty school to be a hair stylist.

“I will always have music as a part of my life, but I don’t plan on going into [music] as a career,” she said.

Photo Courtesy SuzAnne Steben