Student performs for Kurt Cobain Day

The first ever Kurt Cobain Day was celebrated on Feb. 20, 2014 in the singer’s hometown of Aberdeen on what would have been his 47th birthday. SPSCC student Clint Mullins played with his band Gebular at the celebration.

“We started playing our set and all of a sudden ten, twenty cameras are in your face, that’s just not something we are used,” said Aberdeen native and bass player for Gebular Clint Mullins. Mullins said around 400 to 500 people attended the first annual holiday in honor of the late singer/songwriter.

Mullins and his band Gebular played three songs and then followed that up with a Nirvana cover of Heart-Shaped Box. With short notice and poor planning, Mullins said the event went extremely well.

“I play bass and we were playing next to a bunch of valuables in glass cases in the museum so I didn’t get to play as loud as I normally do,” said Mullins. They had never played at such a low volume but it wasn’t about just playing another gig to Mullins and his band mates. “It was about playing for Kurt,” he said.

Nirvana’s original drummer has a band, Under Sin, that came to the celebration and played a Nirvana cover of Molly’s Lips on Gebular’s gear.

When the unveiling of Kurt’s statue occurred, Mullins said the room erupted with happiness and applause. “There was love and respect in the air,” he said.

Mullins is 31 and has listened to Nirvana for most of his life. The first CD he ever bought was From The Muddy Banks of Wishkah by Nirvana.

Gebular is getting ready to tour. You can like them on Facebook to keep up with their dates and locations. They are planning to return to next year’s second annual Kurt Cobain Day.