Nathan Rowland provides glimpses into the lives of SPSCC students

Humans of SPSCC is a new Facebook page ran by Nathan Rowland featuring short personal interviews with the college’s students and staff.

Rowland interviews various students around the campus, takes the student’s picture, and uses interesting facts about the student to create a short feature for the page. These short posts provide glimpses into the lives of average SPSCC students.

“The page is meant for people at this school, so they can see what other people are really here and be able to interact with them,” Rowland said.

“I thought it was really cool what the “Humans of New York” page is doing, going around and learning about people in the city. People really seem to enjoy that,” said Rowland, explaining the inspiration for Humans of SPSCC.

Rowland’s page was started at the beginning of October, and has been updated with a new student feature and interview each week day. Rowland explained that the interviews are conducted as conversations in order for the answers to be more genuine. “Many of the students I have interviewed are shy, so this a way for people to really get to know them. It’s really about getting past that first impression and getting to see who people really are.”

Rowland is a new student this quarter at SPSCC, following in the footsteps of his five brothers, three of whom were student senators.“This is my way of carrying on the tradition and being involved on campus,” said Rowland.