May the force be with him: student wants to work on Star Wars video games


Ian Stauffer was born in the state of Texas and moved around from state to state in the very early years of his life. He was adopted and traveled with his family to Pennsylvania, Florida, eventually back to Pennsylvania where he was put into a foster home, and eventually came here to Washington.

Stauffer struggled in high school but enjoyed subjects like math and eventually graduated from Black Hills High School in 2010.

“I was lucky to graduate from high school,” said Stauffer.

Now he attends South Puget Sound Community College and currently working on his associate of arts degree.

He hoped to graduate with an emphasis on math but decided to switch to with an emphasis on science.

However, he said, “I would have to stay a whole other year,” and he did not want to do that since he already has plans on what to do with his education.

The satellite campus of Washington State University in Vancouver is where he would like to go and get a degree in computer science.

However, he really likes the big city and would like to go somewhere else, but Vancouver is only a few hours away and has the program he would like to get into.

After getting his degree, Stauffer has plans to work with video games.

“Ultimately, I would like to work with Lucas Arts,” he said.

He would like to do stuff with Star Wars video games, possibly work with graphic design or programming but is still unsure of what exactly he would like to do.

He would like to get an overall understanding with the gaming industry and branch out.

Stouffer chose a career in computer science because he loves gaming, even though he just started gaming about one year ago.

“I am good with just about any video game as long as it has a good, intricate storyline that is hard to follow,” said Stauffer.

He also likes role playing and first person shooters. He just recently played “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” and said it was “badass.”

Like any guy or gamer, he enjoyed the first Halo but disliked the second. He has yet to play the third game.

The reason for this is that he does not own any gaming console. Instead, he is more of a computer gamer.

Another interesting facts about Stauffer: he played the trombone in high school as well as piano and is just starting to take it up again.

He really enjoys playing movie sound tracks on the piano, like the “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Mystery and detective shows are his favorite, including the original Law and Order.

His favorite sport is basketball but he strongly dislikes watching professional sports on TV. He would rather be playing the game himself.

His one goal in life is somewhat unique: he would really like to hike across New Zealand since that is where “The Lord of the Rings” was filmed.

Besides liking the movies and books, he really enjoyed the scenery in the film, and would like to take a month or two for the hike, as well as to travel to certain parts of Europe.

Besides that, Stauffer thinks of himself as a fairly normal guy, but most people think differently of him. They say he is nuts and generally a loud person.

He said it is because he is full of high energy and likes to have a good time hanging out with friends.