Kevin Burch runs an audio/visual company while still a teenager

When Mr. Technology stumps you and you scratch your head over a projector connection or an audio/video complication, Kevin Burch is the man with a plan.

Burch (age 19), who is a first year South Puget Sound Community College student, runs a local business with his father. Unlike any typical “family business,” Spiritbourne Productions is one that keeps evolving and taking shape with each passing year. While he doesn’t officially do any audio/visual work for SPSCC, he followed his father into Spiritborne inc., a full-service audio/video and lighting company and recording studio that has been very successful.

“During the recession, our company actually made a lot of money rather than lose it,” Burch said.

Burch first became interested in sound engineering during his freshman year at Olympia High School, when he did his first multi-media project for an English class. He was proud to pick up the knack for sound and video after his father, whom he admires deeply.

When asked where young Burch sees himself in 10 years, he responded, “Hopefully with a BA in Media Communications and a high-level management in the company. This is something I love doing.”

According to Burch, his father’s company has been running for a little over 20 years and is continually finding business in tough times. He prides himself on his father John Burch’s work and is making large leaps to follow in his footsteps.

“My father maintains an honest policy. His company is more of a lifestyle, he’s not just trying to make a quick buck,” said Burch.

Spiritborne has had a lot of local and national attention. Every year, the company gets called all over America to film weddings, do commercials for the Salvation Army, and to even shoot videos for dance companies. Included in all that exciting work is also local music concerts, festivals, and high school graduations.

“I got to see everyone’s graduation before my own. It was awesome,” says Burch.