Dancer Andrew Soucy


According to Andrew Soucy, a Running Start student at South Puget Sound Community College, most people never peg him as the dancing type. It wasn’t until more recently that some of his friends even knew about his love for dance. Yet, he’s been dancing for as long as he can remember, and is considering working towards performing professionally in the future.

According to Soucy he practices solo, choosing to spend most of his time treating dance as a personal hobby. He said that it has become an escape for him; a way to relieve stress.

Soucy does not have a favorite style of dance but he said that he, “tend(s) to lean more towards dance with isolations” or movements similar to “pop locking.”

In his journey towards perfecting his talent, Soucy said that he has attended a few dancing workshops. These presented a challenge for him initially.

“Usually I will dance my thoughts and move to music that suits my taste,” he said, so, “learning choreography for the first time was mind-boggling.”

It was at this point in time that Soucy said that he questioned whether or not he should even continue dancing and pursuing a professional performing career. Practicing to the moves in his head was much easier than following the moves of a choreographer.

However, at the end of the workshop Soucy said, “I really enjoyed the overall experience.”

According to Soucy, he hopes to go to more workshops in the future because they have helped him to improve his skills and widen his perspective.

While his dancing is important to him, Soucy focuses time primarily on academics.

“I have always had a goal to eventually become a performer,” he said, “but as of right now it is not something that is one of my priorities as a student.”

According to Soucy, he will decide whether to give professional dancing a try once he has finished school.