Business Spotlight: Zoe Juice Bar

New business, Zoe Juice Bar, looks to offer healthy, raw juice for Olympia locals while finding ways to help others near and far.

Zoe Juice Bar is owned and founded by Olympia natives Jason and Briana Phillips. It opened Dec. 14 on State Avenue, near Ralph’s Thriftway. Phillips named his store “Zoe” because it is the Greek word for life, as their juices are alive with vitamins, minerals and enzymes, he said.

Zoe Juice Bar was created as a place for gluten free people to find food and drinks that are healthy and easily digestible. Phillips also said that Zoe Juice Bar is “just trying to make juicing convenient, healthy, and fun.”

Juicing is a great way to get more of the fruits and vegetables that many people lack in their daily diets, said Phillips. He called juicing “liquid nutrients”, explaining how your body quickly absorbs the vitamins and nutrients from the fresh, raw juice.

Other than only being able to purchase drinks at Zoe Juice Bar, customers can also help those in need across the globe through the store’s Give Goodness program. “Zoe Juice Bar is passionate about giving back and empowering our community to make a global impact,” said the store’s website. The idea is simple, said Phillips, for every drink or Two Degrees bar you purchase, one meal will be donated to a hungry child in Africa or India.

Phillips and his wife have traveled all over, volunteering in countries like India, where he has seen the effects poverty can have on a community. When Phillips got his dream job of opening up his own store, he knew this would be a great opportunity to give back.

While Phillips wants to be able to help in far-off places where he has seen people struggling, he also desires to give back to his own local community. He said he is planning on working with local farmers more and wants to create a program to give bottled juices to children who have a hard time getting healthy meals. Phillips said he has already been talking with the Community Youth Services of Olympia about working together in the near future.

Phillips initially got the idea to open up his own juice bar after years of struggling to find foods that were agreeable with his celiac disease, which makes digesting gluten difficult. He had been trying a mostly smoothie diet, but even then the thick pulp was hard to digest. When his doctor suggested adding juicing to his diet, Phillips fell in love and found it much more agreeable with his celiac disease. A year later Phillips opened Zoe Juice Bar.

Phillips said many people have come to Zoe Juice Bar and are pleased to find their juices are made with organic ingredients and have no added syrups, sugars, or concentrates.

Customers at Zoe Juice Bar can expect to find ingredients like spinach, kale, apple, celery, ginger, and cucumber in drinks like Phillips’ favorite, “Green Goodness”. For more information on Olympia’s newest juice bar, visit or find them on Facebook.