Welcome Aboard Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller was hired this January as new Head Coach of Clipper Volleyball, following the college’s announcement to replace the fizzling softball program with Volleyball.  She is from Hillsboro, Ore. and has coached volleyball for six years, and competitively played for 17.  

Miller graduated from Concordia University, Ore, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. In 2014 she was the assistant coach for the Clark Penguins at Clark College, Oregon.  As coach, they finished second-place at the Northwest Athletic Conference volleyball championships.

On her vision for the new volleyball program, Miller says, “I want to create a very competitive program from the start.  I’m trying to sift through all the interest, and there’s a lot of interest… We’re trying to grow the athletic department here at SPSCC and have a fan base.” In addition to head coach, Miller will be participating in an admissions role on campus as well.

Volleyball was added to SPSCC’s intercollegiate sports last August in an effort to reignite enthusiasm in a stagnant athletic program.  SPSCC’s new Athletic Director Nick Schmidt, who started last July, hopes volleyball will, “Increase presence of sports on campus… As we grow and get volleyball established, add other sports.”

Recruitment for new athletes is currently open, and in January SPSCC got its’  first volleyball player, Stephanie Washington, a senior from Puyallup High school. Miller argues for the value in collegiate sports. She emphasizes, “I’m a firm believer that playing collegiate sports helps you not only get through your education but helps you in the job world, preparing yourself for real life as far as leadership, organization, work ethic, and commitment team building.”  

Clipper Volleyball will make their debut at Lane Community College, Oregon, on Aug. 27. Their home debut will be on Sept. 7, against Miller’s old team, the Clark Penguins; a rivalry sure not to be missed.

On Feb. 19, SPSCC will hold a “Meet the Coach” event at the Percival Room dining area. The event will highlight the importance and causality of the new volleyball program, and give Miller a chance to explain her vision and philosophy for the program.

SPSCC is excited for this new transition and expects a rejuvenation of interest and passion. If you are interested in trying out for the volleyball program, fill out the Prospective Athlete form on SPSCC’s website under the Student Life tab.  For more information, email Miller at mmiller@spscc.edu.

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