Trailblazers play a smart game, out-maneuver Clippers women

“Shut them down,” shouted the Clippers Girls Basketball team as they headed into a defeat by the Centralia College Trailblazers 62-48.

They walked out onto the court with their heads held high. With both of the sides of the stands jam packed, everyone waited in silence as the ball was tossed. The silence was broken as soon as the Trailblazers took possession of the ball. It was no more than a minute before the Trailblazers had scored their first basket.

The Clippers quickly scored, too, keeping the difference between the two teams as close as possible. The Clippers really showed determination in the first period as they battled the Trailblazers to gain the lead.

However, the Trailblazers had the advantage of making several three point shots. There was no doubt, the Clippers where weak on the outside.

In the first period, the Trailblazers scored 26 points. Twenty-one of the those points where three-point shots. The Trailblazers were faster on the court the first period.

However, three specific girls from the Clippers also showed strong passion for the game. Alexa Justus scored five points, Christiane Croy scored three points and Molly Read scored eight points. The girls efforts brought their total score to 16 in the first quarter, ten points behind the Trailblazers.

The crowd cheered as halftime came and the girls made their way off the court. Fans cheered and enjoyed hot dogs from the concession stand that quickly sold out.

With the second quarter starting, the Clippers basketball team cheered “Shut them down!”.

Unfortunately, as in the first period, the Trailblazers reacted with hard force and team work. Thus keeping the Clippers from ever taking the lead.

However, the Clippers had a secret weapon that had not yet been activated during the first quarter: Monteaka Norwood.

Norwood sprang into action and revitalized the Clippers. Not only did she rake in points, but she also lead with attitude and confidence on the court. But even after scoring 18 points in the second period, she could not hold back the Trailblazers.

The Trailblazers played a smart game. They made 33 points off of turnovers while the Clippers only made six. The Trailblazers knew how to take control of the ball and new how to put it into the basket during the second period.

With the Trailblazers using the Clippers’ weak outside to their advantage, they scored several other three point shots, expanding the difference of points between them and the Clippers. During the second period, the Trailblazers scored 39 additional three-point shots while the Clippers only scored 15.

However, even with the hard, oppressive play from the Trailblazers, the difference in score was actually less than in the first period: 36-32. The Clippers’ defense weakened, however, and could not stop the Trailblazers from consistently scoring three-pointers. In the end, the Trailblazers had yet another victory with a final score of 62-48.

“There was a lack of execution [in] the first half, they [got] lethargic” said Head Coach Mychael Heuer.

After the team’s performance, he was concerned about their mindset. However, he went on to say that “they came out with a good start the second half.”

Overall, Coach Heuer seemed optimistic and hopes the girls will have a taste of victory that will make them thirst for more and strive for excellence.