SPSCC women’s basketball team add up victories

The Clipper women’s basketball team took on Northwest Indian College in a tough game that ended in a 69-57 loss for the lady Clippers, on Dec. 7. With the absence of many players, the Clippers were forced to play only six team members. Macy Karlsvik, Ashley Stancil, Sofia Guerra, and Kathrine Welcome played the entire game for 40 minutes each.

At the end of the first half, the Clippers were down by five, showing hustle and determination to stay single digits behind NWIC. Despite the player disadvantage, the lady Clippers had a total of 45 rebounds for the game, which was 12 more than their opponents.

“Going into this game no one expected us to win so we could only try our hardest,” says
SPSCC freshmen Rebecca Clayton, who scored 20 personal points out of the team’s 57 total. “We had to have this mindset all game to keep up the momentum, and prove to everyone that we would continue to work hard, despite the disadvantage.”

Two weeks later the lady Clippers played NWIC during the Skagit Valley Tournament and won 70-53. “This game was redemption for the entire team, especially because the women went out strong and ready to win. We were definitely excited about the outcome and it was a great confidence booster to head in to league play with,” said Clayton.

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