SPSCC Clippers vs. Tacoma Titans


Clipper Women’s

With a final score of 36-75, facing the Tacoma Titans at the South Puget Sound Community College home court was another tough game for the SPSCC women’s basketball team.

Sarah Houchen (#15) started the game strong and scored 4 of the first 9 points of the game. After barreling her way through several Titan players and taking a shot, she fell to the floor in pain. She was escorted off the court with a knee injury and didn’t return to the game until late in the second half.

When halftime hit, the Clippers had fallen behind at 15-44. However, the SPSCC student senate had a plan in motion to lighten the mood for fans that came to watch the ladies.

As a reward to the students that supported our teams during the home games, a raffle was held for a $50 gift card. Of two students drawn for the raffle, the first to score three three-pointers took home the prize. It was close, but SPSCC student Tevon Jones won the competition.

“I’m going to Disneyland! Just kidding, it’s for Red Robin,” Tevon said with enthusiasm. He continued to cheer on our Clippers for the rest of the game.

Renee Willey (#34) refused to let the score slow her down. She put up 12 points in the second half to try and close the gap between the scores. Stephanee Stedham (#10) continued to play aggressively herself, getting five fouls, the maximum number of fouls a player can earn before being removed from the game. She debated an out-of-bounds with one of the referees, which resulted in the fourth of her five fouls.

“I think we came into the second half really strong, we just got to believe in ourselves,”
Stephanee said after the game. She wasn’t discouraged by the way this game turned out at all, already looking ahead.

“We got to keep working hard and can’t get discouraged. We need to focus on things we do well as a team and can’t give the other team an 18-point run,” said Head Coach Mychael Heuer.

Clipper Men’s

The SPSCC men’s basketball lost to the Tacoma Titans 46-81.

Right from the start, the Tacoma Titans put up shot after shot while successfully defending against our Clippers. Trailing behind by 10 points, Jamey Smith (#1) put up the first shot of the night for SPSCC.

While SPSCC continued to trail behind the Tacoma Titans the entire first half, they refused to allow the gap to widen much more during the first half. At halftime the score was 17-34. The Clippers had nine fouls called on them, which really put them behind as almost every free throw shot went in.

After half time, the Clippers were getting a little upset with the score. Antonio Foster (#32) had an intentional foul called on him, and after several comments such as “wow” and “really,” a technical foul was awarded as well. Foster spent the rest of the game on the bench.

This wasn’t the only such display from our Clippers. With about 6 minutes left in the game, a
referee made a call against one of the Clippers. Head Coach Curtis Norwood, believing that the Titans’ player had been tugging on the Clippers’ shirt, walked onto the court yelling, “You can’t take their shirt off!”

Curtis immediately left the gym with his wife. He was unable to be reached for comment.

The Clippers played through the rest of the game as normal, since there were only a few minutes left, and they didn’t need any more substitutions. It was obvious that some of the players were thrown off by their coach’s outburst, and this allowed the Titans to put some extra points on the board.

“Hard work, dedication, play as a team, stay motivated. We’re at a rough stage right now, and we need to get through it,” said Clipper’s player Johlani Porchia.