Red Devils don’t need pitchforks to beat the Clippers

The Red Devils really put pressure on the Clippers in the first period. In the first 60 seconds of the game, they scored two baskets against the Clippers.

One player that really knew how to get the ball in on the break was Keith Moilanen.

Moilanen scored 17 points within the first period. He managed to make three three-point shots without any trouble from the Clippers. In fact, at several times nobody covered Moilanen at all.

It was just not Moilanen that showed great performance, but the entire Devils team as well. They were a very tight group and knew how to play a good defense as well as a good offense.

However, Scott Backstrom really showed how great of a player he can be on the court as well. It was surprising but liberating to know that someone other than William Sharp could lead the team.

Backstrom scored one three-pointer and totaled a score of 12 points in the first period. Without a doubt, he contributed the most and showed strong leadership skills and fulfilled the void left by Tabrion Leverette since he did not play that night.

The reason Leverette was not playing is unknown.

He came in with the team but soon got out of uniform at halftime and joined the many spectators.

It was a very competitive second half.

Both teams played a strong offense and showed more team work.

The Clippers really came back hard and closed the gap from the first period with a score 36-24.

William Sharp, Scott Backstrom and Alexy Lagerberg (Lucky), brought the heat in the second half of the game. The magic between them really showed as the gap began to close.

Sharp scored 16 points, Backstrom 16 and Lagerberg 15. They really moved the ball a lot more this game and had potential to go for a win. However, once again they were unable to take the victory.

Though even the Clippers were short handed, they were not outmanned. They gave the Red Devils a run for their money and almost tied them in the end.

However, like every home game they play, it is tradition that they foul as much as possible before the game comes to a close. Ultimately, the Red Devils won the game 68-62