Drunken students discovered after Clippers lose to T-Birds

South Puget Sound Community College Clippers basketball faced another loss, this time to the Highline Community College Thunderbirds.

After a final score of 87-75, fans left the gymnasium quickly, but a few students remained behind.

Several unidentified students were inebhriated at the game, one of whom passed out in the bleachers. Campus security was called, and the students were questioned. They were eventually escorted off premises by Olympia Police Department officers.

Prior to the post-game shenanigans, the Clippers made a strong showing against the Thunderbirds, but were unsuccessful in holding them off on the court.

If the 12th man could exist in basketball, the Thunderbirds definitely had it. The support for the Thunderbirds was overwhelming. Highline filled the gym with noise and our side of the stands with their spectators.

It appeared that part of their team who were not playing that night came over to the Clippers side and drowned out any cheer that may have came from our fans.

When the game started, the sound of the basketball and Clipper fans were overcome by the cheering of the Highline Thunderbirds. Some spectators even became rowdy and were warned by referees to stay off of the court.

Even though Clipper fans could not make their voice be heard, the Clippers basketball team managed to play well in the beginning of the first period.

Alexy Lagerberg stood out in the first period and surprised not only Highline, but our college as well.

Lagerberg scored the first basket with an amazing three-pointer. It was the first time all season that such a serious statement had been made by the Clippers. They were here to win.

Though it would not be the only three-pointer made by Lagerberg. He made three of five three-point shots in the first period. However, Lagerberg was not the only Clipper who brought the heat.

Scott Backstrom, also displayed such passion for the game and contributed 11 points to the first period.

It was the first time at a home game that the Clippers showed such aggression and determination. Also, the approach and attitude had completely turned around.

The Clippers moved the ball a lot more and scored a lot from the outside, more so than in any game yet this season.

Despite performing as well as they did, they could not stop the Highline Thunderbirds from taking the lead in the first period with a score of 45-34.

It was roaring first half and it would only become more intense as the night continued.

As half time came, it was time for another chance for a free kindle giveaway from the Student Senate. As usual, the contest required a student to make a half-court shot. Yet again, no one was successful.

Second period brought an increased number of baskets scored by the Clippers, but also by the Thunderbirds.

Lagerberg brought the pain in the second quarter. He scored four more three-pointers and lead the team in with 20 points.

Though Tabrion Leverette also put out and showed great performance by scoring 15 points.

Also, he managed to show off another amazing slam dunk. However, a slam dunk would not intimidate the Highline Thunderbirds. One player of theirs dunked the ball at least twice and it appeared to have required no effort.

The Clippers managed to tie the game at one point but could not hold back the Thunderbirds from taking another win. Even with one of the Thunderbirds’ starting players out of the game due to too many personal fouls, they could not carry the game into over time.

Clipper spectators got edgy with referees after a series of calls in the Thunderbirds’ favor. One spectator even yelled out to a referee, “keep your day job.” It was a rough night for the Clippers fans and players alike.

Student Senator Cort Cambell said, “this is one of those nights you leave with the crowd.”

It was indeed one of those nights. Spectators left quickly at the sound of the buzzer.