Men Clippers play close game

Clipper sophomore Jamey Smith attacks the basket against Highline’s Jaron Heck in the final home game of the season. Taken by Aaron Managhan

Clipper sophomore Jamey Smith attacks the basket against Highline’s Jaron Heck in the final home game of the season. Taken by Aaron Managhan

This was one of the most exciting games for the South Puget Sound Community College’s men’s basketball team due to such a close score of 76-80. Highline managed to pull it through and win with just a four point lead.

Highline player Abdi Mohamed, standing at 6 feet 10 inches, won the toss up by hitting the ball to a teammate, who put the first two points onto the board. They put a couple more shots up before a time out was called by SPSCC, the score being 0-6.

Despite the bad start, the time out proved effective as our Clippers turned the score around. With about 11 minutes left in the first half, SPSCC had taken a slight lead with a score of 17-13. They held this lead throughout the first half which ended with a 33-30 score, Clippers in lead.

Clippers sophomore Kole Podowicz (#34) really showed that he was there to win during the first half of the game. He put up 14 points, nearly half the total score for the Clippers.

The second half of the game made it difficult for fans to remain in their seats. Highline put up the first two points due to a foul, which brought the score to a nail-biting 33-32. The score remained very close until Highline pulled slightly ahead.

Antonio Foster (#32) got an ankle injury while attempting a layup, being blocked by several Thunderbird players. Foster limped to the side of the court and waited for the ball to go out of play so that a substitution could be called.

At this point, the Clippers really picked it up and got an 11 point lead as AJ Fuller put in shot after shot. SPSCC fans were thrilled with the huge lead, but it didn’t last for long.

Highline slowly closed the gap, and with just several minutes left in the game, they took a slight lead. With the clock running out, both teams called a number of timeouts, but Highline remained steady with their lead and came out on top.

“They did great; they did their best. They’re not always going to win. I honestly think they did better than last year,” said Student Vice President for Clubs and Organizations Geomarc Panelo.

Since it was the last time the sophomore players would get to play on thome court, tonight was deemed “Sophomore Night” for both mens and women basketball teams.

In honor of each player’s last home game, each sophomore received a brief introduction in center court by Head Coach Curtis Norwood before the game began. Honorable mentions went out to sophomore players Jamey Smith (#1), AJ Fuller (#20), Scotty Ewing (#23), and Kole Podowicz (#34).

The competition for student raffle went by fast, as SPSCC student Darren Sroor put up three shots in about a minute.

“I’m going to buy some good William Shakespeare books,” Sroor said jokingly.