Fast-pitch player named Student Athlete of the Quarter

Freshman fast-pitch player, Jordanne Krumpols, has been named the winter Student Athlete of the Quarter by South Puget Sound Community College’s Athletic Department.

Krumpols said she does not work hard to gain praise, but instead to only be successful. However, to her, this title exhibits the recognition her hard work has received.

Krumpols became captain of the SPSCC team by “leading by example,” said women’s fast-pitch Coach Shannon Stine.

“I love working hard and setting examples for others,” Krumpols said.

“Her work ethics are stellar…she is the first to arrive and the last to leave practice,” said Stine.

A question often heard at practice is, “Who’s working harder than you?”

“Jordanne’s answer would always be, ‘No one [is working harder than me],’ except that she is too humble to announce it,” Stine said.

Stine said Krumpols uses her energy to motivate the team.

Despite her coach’s appreciation, Krumpols does not particularly like the title “captain.”

“I’m just any other player on the team,” she said.

Krumpols attempts to help her teammates in any way she can, both as an athlete and as a student, she said.

Even during her knee surgery, Krumpols maintained a positive leadership role on the team, said Stine.

Fast-pitch has always been a part of her life, said Krumpols. “When I was little, I used to sleep with my dad’s baseball glove.”

Though Krumpols prefers fast-pitch, she enjoys basketball as well.

During the academic year, Krumpols mainly focuses on sports, school, and her family. During the summer, she works as a camp counselor.

“How I balance school and fast-pitch is quite easy,” she said. In order to fit everything into her schedule, Krumpols takes classes early in the morning, studies and finishes homework during the day, and attends fast-pitch practice in the evening.

Krumpols is currently working toward an Associate of Arts degree from SPSCC. She intends to transfer to a four-year university. She plans to study athletic training at a university.

Krumpols wants to continue playing fast-pitch at her new school. She is also considering working as a high school coach after she finishes school and begins working.