Clippers start strong, lose to Trailblazers by a hair

As the men walked out onto the court to face their challengers, Head Coach Curtis Norwood talked confidently about his team. He and the team had high expectations and both were hoping for a victory.

He went on to say, “We want to play well and come out with a victory, play as a team and step forward as this league is upon us.”

The whistle sounded and the ball was tossed. With just a minute into the game the Clippers number 44 Marc Taylor made the first basket for the team. The Clippers where quick and light on their feet as they made every effort to hold back the Centralia College Trailblazers.

Number 01 William Sharp was probably the fastest and most agile player on the court and scored 7 points the first period. Number 30 Tabrion Leverette was just as fast and agile and scored 9 points the first quarter.

The men’s Clippers basketball team really proved themselves on the court the first quarter. However, the Trailblazers really gave the Clippers hell. Like the girls team, they were just as good at making three point shots and had a lot more rebounds.

One specific player definitely stood out from the opposing team. Number 21 Damian Fisher really made himself known during first period as well as during second period. Fisher scored 12 points the first period and a total of 21 points by the end of the second period.

The first period was the most intense, the Clippers and Trailblazers went back and forth taking the lead. At certain points when the two teams were tied, both teams made many attempts to score a basket. There was no doubt; both teams had a strong defense and offense. As a result, both the teams tied at the end of the first period with a score of 30-30.

As halftime came and went, and hotdogs were sold out, the stands quickly refilled with many cheering fans. Even as people came in late, not a seat was to be found and several spectators stood on the sidelines routing on their team.

The sound of music slowly died as both teams made their way out onto the court. Fans from both sides yelling, and cheering filled the gym. There was tension, both teams were tied and it was time to finish the game.

From the very beginning of the second period, the Trailblazers took the lead. The Trailblazers took possession of the ball, and made their way down the court, scoring continuously.

The Clippers made the switch from offense to defense. Blocking shots and getting the rebound was more of a challenge than in the first period.

But some players showed a serious passion for the game and made a stand against the Trailblazers. William Sharp really brought the heat in the second period by scoring 17 points. While Tabrion Leverette scored 10.

However, even with Sharp and Leverette carrying the team, it would not be enough to beat the Trailblazers. The Trailblazers took the lead in the beginning of the second quarter and kept it that way by keeping no less than a 10 point lead.

As the clock counted down from minutes to the final seconds of the game, and Sharp and Leverette still pushed to take the lead, the ending score came as the buzzer rang with a final score of 70-69.