Clipper Women’s Basketball alumnae game

The SPSCC Women’s basketball team took on the former Clipper alumnae players from past seasons on Saturday, Nov. 23.The game ended with an 81 to 43 win for this year’s team.

Ashley Stancil led the current team with 20 total points, followed by Dramikha Skaar and Rebecca Clayton with 15 points each. The SPSCC women started the game out strong with a 44 to 22 lead over the alumnae at the end of the first half and continued to keep the lead the rest of the game resulting in the win.

The idea of this game, according to Women’s Head Basketball Coach Mychael Heuer, besides to be back in the Clipper gym, was to bring together former players of the college as role models to the women on this year’s team. After the game, both teams conversed over pizza what life after SPSCC was and would be like.

The alumnae, speaking as representatives of a career or job field, also gave advice to others who may be interest in the same path.“When you play somewhere you have pride. What I wanted to do here was have the current students learn value and wisdom from the alumni,” said Heuer, who remembers his high school alumni program being huge and influential.

“When I asked the [alumnae] what advice they would give to the current players, they said, ‘go to class, stay eligible, and most of all enjoy every moment.’ Players can hear this from coaches but they are more impacted by previous players who walked their steps,” said Heuer.

Clipper women’s basketball next home game is Saturday, Dec. 17 at 6 p.m. against Big Bend Community College.

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