Clipper women fall to Shoreline in home opener

With a score of 41-70, Shoreline managed to come out on top against our Clippers.

Being the second women’s basketball game of the season and having at least three players ineligible to play, this was bound to be a difficult game for our South Puget Sound Community College Clippers. The team only had six eligible players for this game, which meant that they would only have one substitute available at a time. The opponent, the Shoreline Dolphins, had a full lineup that allowed for five substitutes.

The game began extremely tight as both teams played with superb defense and only allowed for a few shots to go in on either side. This started the game off with a score of 3-4 for about the first four minutes before points really started to hit the board.

A few foul shots were called early on in the game that went to both sides. Each team played aggressively, and foul shots were given consistently throughout the remainder of the game once the pace picked up.

The first timeout was called by Shoreline coach James Johnson. With a tied score of 7-7 up on the scoreboard, this timeout was vital to discuss a plan to pull ahead of their opponents.

Shoreline player Maile Keanu made the first two-pointer that would give Shoreline the momentum they needed to put some space between the scores. From here, our Clippers slowly wore down and began to fall behind.

Once Shoreline got about their third free throw shot, our SPSCC supporters really got into the game. As Shoreline’s shooter tried to focus on the shot, you could hear the “woops” and other distracting noises coming from the sidelines, which successfully caused her to miss one of the shots. While the audience may not have been big, they had a lot of spunk.

“It really helps the team if the school comes out to support them,” said Geomarc Panelo, student vice president for clubs and organizations.

“Everyone should come out and help support the Clippers,” agreed student Lorraine Guzman.

By half-time, the score was 16-29, with SPSCC having five fouls and Shoreline having six.

“They are interesting to watch, but they need more hustle,” said SPSCC student Luis Magan.

Half-time seemed to give our Clippers the small breather that they needed to show they could hustle and push a steady offense, and while Shoreline managed to score the first two points of the half, SPSCC came back and managed to put 7 points on the board in under a minute.

While it looked like SPSCC would be able to come back, our girls slowly became worn out again and you could definitely see the fatigue on their faces. Shoreline, once again, began to pull further ahead in points.

“Don’t judge the woman’s SPSCC basketball team by this game, we will come back and do better,” said freshman athlete Chloe Cummings.