Bad Girls Club

Yelling, screaming, fighting, and all the confrontation makes for great TV ratings for this Oxygen-hosted television show “Bad Girls Club”.

Just now ending their sixth season of all-out craziness, insane is not the word to even describe what these females have to go through.

Seven women from all over the country come together to a destination called “The Bad Girls Club,” where they are put in a mansion, provided with free alcohol and endless nights of partying. At first, everything might seem fun and calm, but they don’t call these females “Bad Girls” for nothing.

Every episode the network emphasizes the fights that go on. It may even seem like they are praising their produced world of drunken slander and endless backstabbing.

For those who watch the “Bad Girls Club” faithfully, every season the “message” of the show has noticeably changed. With one season lasting three months out of the year, each year different girls set foot in a new mansion. The first three out of the six seasons were about helping women with anger problems and also issues that relate to getting along with females. They would take these girls through a journey of learning how to cope with their inner self and get over having to lash out to have their emotions shown.

As empowering as that sounds, while the shows went on and the fights grew more frequent, more people started tuning in to see the fights and the confrontations rather than watching these women get better. After watching the sixth season, it is apparent that confrontation definitely outweighs the progress of these girls. states in their review of “Bad Girls Club” that “Catfight chaos send negative message about women”. Even though the message of the show is not entirely uplifting, the disagreement of having these females represent ALL is justified.

Obviously not every woman is a crazed maniac, and if you pay attention to the show, fake hair and big boobs are becoming the criteria over women with anger issues to get on the show. Look at the main elements of the show: women between the ages of 21 and 28, free alcoholic beverages any day of the week, free room and board, free transportation and limo night transportation, and no one has to have a job. I’m sure there is nothing to do but yell, scream and have a good time with those you share a house with.

At the end of the day this show is not reality TV, it’s just a long vacation gone wrong each season which happens to be televised. Some of these girls may embarrass themselves and their families, but when the hour is up and the credits are shown we either turn the television to something else or go about our every day. These women DO NOT represent the female species on this earth.

“Bad Girls Club” will always be a big hype in the media world, and while these girls get their 15 minutes of fame they are still humans just like us. Moments that happen on this show do happen in real life, the public is just getting a taste of it on a weekly basis.

Even though the show has lost its focus on helping females get over their short comings, Bad Girls Club will always be a phase worth watching.