Pepper’s Mexican Restaurant may not be authentic, but they serve good food at good prices

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Peppers Mexican Restaurant is hard to find if you don’t know where to look. It’s tucked away next to Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, with the new Olympia City Hall nearby. The interior is nice enough, if a bit small. The service is acceptable, if nothing fantastic. But, where Peppers truly shines is its food.

While not exactly authentic Mexican cuisine and more closely resembling TexMex, Peppers’ food will rarely disappoint. They start off strong with some of the best chips and salsa in town. The chips are always warm and perfectly crispy and luckily aren’t too salty, a shortcoming from which many other Mexican restaurants suffer. The salsa isn’t just pico de gallo with tomato sauce, but actual salsa, spicy and flavorful, but not overpowering.

Peppers is also becoming well known for its salsa bar. The bar consists of five different styles of homemade salsa, including a special guacamole salsa and a fiery salsa for the more daring customers. The salsa is made in-house daily with fresh ingredients.

The drinks are a nice treat. They usually have a variety of styles of Jarritos, a popular Mexican soft drink brand. While a bit more carbonated and somewhat sweeter in flavor than most American soda, Jarritos is a must-try for everyone. Although I haven’t had them myself, I’ve also heard good things about their margaritas.

Peppers’ true quality is in its entrees. They always arrive in a timely manner and are quite tasty. Their best menu item has got to be their fajitas, best with either chicken or steak. They are juicy and flavorful, served with plenty of warm quality tortillas and a side of rice and beans. For the true fajita lover, Peppers also has a fajita burrito, which consists of fajita meat and veggies wrapped in a deliciously soft and warm tortilla and smothered in sauce.

Peppers’ entrees also include a fantastic creamy enchilada suiza, a fresh and delightfully crispy chimichanga and a variety of monstrous burritos, all usually of high quality. However, these are no match for Quality Burrito’s almost legendary burritos.

Peppers also offers a few vegetarian options rarely seen in other mexican restaurants, including arroz con veggies and veggies ala crema.

Peppers’ prices aren’t too high either. While some menu items will run into the double digits, there’s a wide selection for under $10. Lastly, Peppers is notable for one other reason: they deliver. Few restaurants in Olympia actually deliver food. Fewer still deliver food that hasn’t become soggy or destroyed through the delivery process, or simply isn’t terrible to begin with. Peppers may not be the best Mexican restaurant in town, but they are one of the best restaurants that delivers, and they usually manage to do so in a startlingly short amount of time.

All in all, while Peppers may not be the most authentic or highest quality Mexican cuisine you will eat, they still serve good food for affordable prices and will deliver that food to your door, often in less than 30 minutes.