Chopsticks Restaurant

Chopsticks Noodle House on 119 Fifth Ave. in downtown Olympia is a dreamy, small spot filled with delicious food, courteous wait staff, and a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Chopsticks serves various Asian dishes including stir fry, mochi, bubble tea, seafood, and tofu dishes. Their menu contained a large selection of appetizers, soups, and specials.

From my view in the corner of the restaurant on a Tuesday night, the place was tastefully and interestingly decorated and clean. The space had an eclectic mood, and the low-lit atmosphere added a certain ambiance.

If you are thinking of taking a hot date from class here for a good meal, good atmosphere, and nice wait staff, I would recommend it in a heartbeat. Chopsticks created an enjoyable environment for me to dine in.

My French waiter was very helpful, attentive, had a great attitude, and wasn’t hard on the eyes or ears either. The dishes my friend and I ordered came quickly, and in plentiful portions at fair prices under $10 for the meals we ordered.

Both being vegan, my friend and I were happy to see that the meals could be served with tofu in substitution of either beef, chicken, or prawns.

The Vegetable Delight was a scrumptious, stir-fried mix of veggies, tofu and rice in a delectable and unique sauce. My friend ordered the Tofu with mixed vegetables.

The meals consisted of the same ingredients: Tofu, mixed vegetables, and sauce. However, the sauces differed so much that we shared our food in order to fully experience the wealth of flavors that Chopsticks has to offer. The veggies were fresh and the tofu and rice were nicely cooked.

Due to the large portions, I took home leftovers and had it for lunch the next day. It was still quite tasty.

I was delighted the first time I went there, and the experience assured that I shall return.
This is a great place to have dinner, and has nice hours, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Friday, and 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, considering most businesses in downtown Olympia close painfully early. With affordable, large dishes, and a clean, well used space, I definitely recommend Chopsticks for anyone looking for a nice place to catch up with friends or go on a date.