Play Review: Servant of Two Masters – 3/5

The last showing of the Comedy course’s presentation, A Servant of Two Masters, was Nov. 24. It was a twisting, slapstick, silly, and romantic tale of a fool looking for food.

The show ran about two hours and twenty minutes. It kicked off immediately with the engagement of two lovers. The characters had a few monologues, but their talk was only in buildup to the entrance of the main character, Truffaldino.

Truffaldino was a slapstick, jump and tumble character who was, much like the mask he wore, extremely expressive and jovial. Like many other characters, he took no time to break the fourth wall, the barrier separating the audience from the actors. He engaged the audience by telling them his thoughts or asking them questions and their opinion.

Truffaldino’s constant need for food was the driving force of the plot and because of it he finds himself another master. Truffaldino said at one point in the first act, “Double the masters, double the pay, double the food! What could go wrong?”

The play had many audience engaging features that broke the fourth wall, such as asking the audience for a name for a fictional friend of Truffaldino’s. There were also several slightly unnecessary interludes, such as the stagehands having a dance break just after intermission and Florindo the Lover beautifully singing a ballad on a balcony.

Plot wise, the play was complex. But it played out for the audience in a way that everyone could understand, while still being completely ludicrous.

With all the tumbling, yelling, silly, and twisting relationships, this play was full of innuendos and rough and tumble humor. I would give this production a three out of five.