“Tausendfach” – Klee

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Klee is a pop band from Germany. Their name literally translates to “Clover,” but it was actually inspired by Paul Klee, an expressionist/surrealist artist.

”Tausendfach,” literally translated as “A Thousand Ways,” is the title track off of this short album. The chord progression sounded pretty standard, but the melody fit perfectly. Despite the lyrics being in German, I could still get an idea of at least the mood of the song. The song was mid tempo, but the vocals were very melodic which made the song very beautiful.

Additionally, there is an English version of this song. I prefer the German version, simply because I think that music tends to sound better in the artist’s first language. An upside to the English version is that you can get a better idea of what the lyrics are about.

“Red Nicht Von Strassen” (literally “Red Not From Roads”) had two vocalists. Another mid tempo, quiet song. The vocals were the main focus on this song, and they were done very well. It sounded somewhat similar to “Tausendfach,” but it was the vocals that really made the difference.

The final track from this album was the live version of “Mein Geheimnis” (literally “My Secret”). Normally, I’m not a fan of live versions, but this one exceeded my expectations. The recording and mixing was near perfect, which seems to be a rarity for live versions. This was a very upbeat, poppy song, and it was really good. The guitar solo made the song a bit edgier. Overall, it was really good.

I give this album a 5/5. Good job, Klee, you’ve earned my first perfect score. Klee’s songs are really well written, and I think even from these three songs, someone can get a really good idea of what the band is about. What’s really cool about foreign music is that you can still understand a rough meaning of a song just based off of how the vocalist is singing and the music.