Rihanna – “Loud”

Being one of the hottest R&B and Pop female artist on the market since 2005, our Barbadian singer Rihanna keeps it together with her fifth studio album.

With “LOUD,” Rihanna satisfied all three of her many elements with conquering a mixture of pop, rock and hip-hop with a touch of island soul.

Released Nov. of 2010, Rihanna began her album with her mainstream hit “S&M” which still graces radio stations and clubs today. This sexy song tells a tale about engaging in sadism and masochism with a significant other, and takes being “freak” to a whole new level. Gracing the female world with her oh-so-true line “I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it” Rihanna topped the charts with her single.

The features on her album include only Nicki Minaj with “Raining Men”, and Eminem with “Love the way you Lie”. “Love the way you Lie” is another song that graced the radio and the music video created for it was out of this world. This song was about the seriousness of being in a relationship that you need to get out of – but you can’t. Many people in relationships can relate to this song, along with “Man Down”.

“Man Down” could be considered one of the craziest songs on her album. She goes into detail about how she murdered a man because the altercation they were having got out of control. The song may trick you in the beginning because the beat is so slow and soft, but when you actually listen to the words that she is singing you realize that she is speaking on regret for shooting and killing her lover.

Rihanna continues with her heartbreaking songs with “Fading” and “Complicated”. Both of these songs are slow and easily relatable, but she doesn’t focus her whole album on “man-hating” songs.

Before things can get sticky in a relationship there has to be a time of love and lust. With these next songs you can tell the different stages in a relationship that people can go through. In the beginning with her song “Only Girl” she speaks on wanting to be the only girl in a man’s world for the night.

She sings, “Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world, Like I’m the only one that you’ll ever love, Like I’m the only one who knows your heart, Only girl in the world”. After getting the guy that you want you can then turn to her song “California King” which is a soft sung love song. This song is about not wanting to be away from your significant other and when you are it feels like you are in a California king bed, where you can feel them next to you even though you can’t see or touch them, but you are in crucial want to do so.

Rihanna is known for her sexy ways and the last two songs in the “sexy” category, “Skin” and “Cheers”, she definitely takes sexual activities and partying to a whole new level.

“Cheers” is a rock song that gives off the impression of just being a fun song with no meaning. But as you continue to listing to it you notice that the song is not only about having fun, but also about letting go and not letting things bother you. This song is a different approach to music compared to all her other songs on the album, but Rihanna has a good sense of being able to find songs that perfectly match her voice.

Last but not least, the song “Skin” is what you can consider a “love making song.” It is so sexy and just by the title you can only imagine what it is about. Just giving you a little taste; part of the song says “You got me moanin’ now, I got a secret that I wanna show you, I got a Secrets Imma drop em to the floor”. With that snippet of just half of a verse in a song, you can only imagine what else the song is speaking on.

Without giving too much away, I am sure that Rihanna captured the hearts of many more fans. The album speaks for itself, she doesn’t have a lot of loud songs, but the messages that she gives off in her album definitely scream at you. She deserves 5 stars for this album.