Music Review: Chvrches; 5/5

Chvrches is a synthpop band that was formed in Glasgow, Scotland by members Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty.

Chvrches recently debuted the release of their first album, “Bones of What You Believe.” Heavy with the synthesizers, Chvrches’ electronic style sounds clean and clear. The entire album seems to share a strong
resemblance to 80’s pop, which is a good thing. Every song hooks the listener into bursts of unforgettable, flawless sound.

Mayberry’s vocals place the listener in a mellow mood while Cook and Doherty’s skills with the synthesizers will make the head and body move in rhythm.

On the album, the synthpop trio presents a theme of the pain of loneliness, the pain of separation, and the pain that comes along from leaving your significant other. However, the songs stay within the danceable aspect of synthpop. The first song, “The Mother We Share” instantly releases feelings of unhappiness, while at the same time pleading for a connection with another person.

Chvrches manages to separate themselves from other synthpop bands by being more in depth about emotions that run through the struggles of broken relationships with others. As the album progresses towards the end, listeners will start to realize that the theme is not only accomplishing sincerity above detachment, but by facing it with reality from different angles. The album shows how sad it is that we are purposely using technology to separate ourselves from each other. The song “Recover” reminds us as we are able to change our ways, we can stop hiding, and finally really say what we truly feel before we forget how.

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