“mbv” – My Bloody Valentine

my bloody valentine band

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Alternative Rock band, My Bloody Valentine, have finally returned after two decades with their new album, mbv. This album is not my favorite from My Bloody Valentine, but there are a few good tracks.

The first track, “she found now,” is very ambient. It is not particularly interesting musically, but I did find it relaxing to listen to. If you consider it the introduction to the album, perhaps similar to the introduction credits to a movie, it’s not bad. It sets the tone for the rest of the album well.

I liked “only tomorrow” much more than the first song. On this track, it became clear the vocals are not the focus of this album but the general sound and feeling of the songs is important. The progression and musical interludes of this song are very good. It’s melodic and has a unique, crunchy sound to it that caught my attention.

A neat organ-synth background with light soprano vocals makes “is this and yes.” The organ has a really neat minor progression, but the song was repetitive. It keeps repeating the same thing over again with little variation.

One of the better tracks on the album is “if i am.” It’s a smooth, mid-tempo song that has a really neat guitar track. It is one of the better songs, because it has more variation in melody than many of the others.

The more upbeat tracks from the album were “in another way” and “new you.” As the album went on, the songs became more melodic and upbeat.

The melody line for “in another way” is particularly memorable and stands out against the rest of the album that has a   monotone drone to many of the other songs.

Another favorite is “who sees you,” which begins with a percussion line that caught my attention due to the harshness in comparison to the rest of the album. This song had an interesting use of intervals, and notes in general. There’s a lot of wavering notes and sliding sounds in the guitar chords and the vocals, giving the song an uneven and unsure ambience to it.

In the song “nothing is,” they repeat the same few bars of music over and over again. There’s little creativity here, but I think there must be a reason for it. Perhaps they’re trying to say something about how nothing is repetitive, or they’re trying to make a statement about repetitiveness. I did not like this as a song due to its repetitiveness, but I’m intrigued as to why it was included on the album. Through my research, I was unable to find an answer.

The last song “wonder 2” is a good track to end the album. The calmness of this song brought the album to a full close.

Overall, this album was good as a whole, but not as individual tracks. Listening to the tracks individually would be a disappointment. This is one of those albums that needs to be listened to as one long piece of music. As the album went on, it got better. My Bloody Valentine’s previous album, Loveless, is by far better, because it has a bigger sound to it; it’s more powerful musically.