Broken Water – “Tempest”

Broken Water

Broken Water

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Broken Water is a band from Olympia, WA with a sound reminiscent of 90s grunge bands. Their latest album, titled Tempest, has its focus more on guitar than vocals.

Pros: The album flows very well and the melodies are unique. The melody line of “Underground is very upbeat and catchy, which is a good break from some of the slower and mid-tempo songs on the album. I’m quite impressed with the guitar parts of the album, particularly on “Drown” and “Chantal Seder.” This song takes advantage of the tremolo effect, which tends to be used only in solos as opposed to on chords in the main chord progression. The vocal line of “Chantal Seder” is outstanding, too. The way it fits with the wavering guitar chords is unique, and very pretty. This is one of the most melodic tracks vocally on the album.

Parts of “When You Said” are very reminiscent of their song “Heart Strings” off of Peripheral star. “When You Said” is overall much quieter, though, but the chord progression has similarities to “Heart Strings.”

Cons: It’s hard to catch the lyrics on many of the songs. The lyrics on Tempest are much easier to understand than those on the band’s album Peripheral Star. I do realize that this may be part of the genre’s style. As I said above, the focus of Tempest does not seem to be the vocals, partially because of the difficulty to understand the words.

If you’re new to this band and would like to start listening to them, I’d suggest listening to Peripheral Star instead. That said, the songs on Tempest are well written and I do suggest giving it a listen.

Key Tracks: “Chantal Seder” “Underground” “When You Said”