Jumping the Broom

Everybody can imagine how hard it is to meet the family of your significant other, but imagine meeting them two days away from your wedding date.

In “Jumping the Broom,” produced by Salim Akil, you are introduced to two different types of black families, one that can be considered “ghetto” and the other “sadity.”

When our main characters Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton) and Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso) decide to get married after knowing one another for only a few months, they failed to think about what would happen when you try and combine the two.

When the movie first begins, you get to see how the two fall in love, date, and get engaged.

You believe everything is going to go perfectly until you switch to the reactions of Jason’s family. His mom, Mrs. Taylor (Loretta Devine), is clearly dissatisfied with her son getting married to a woman that she was never able to meet.

She flies down with a few other family members and friends to attend the rehearsals and ceremonies, and as soon as she touches down, all hell breaks loose.

From the moment she meets Sabrina she doesn’t like her, and with every moment she gets, she objects to the way Sabrina does things when it comes to the wedding.

As the movie goes on, the tension between the two families becomes very apparent. With neither one understanding the other, the tension soon turns into drama that ends up affecting the relationship between Sabrina and Jason.

Salim Akil does a wonderful job catching the drama in the movie and giving it enough attention to the point where the audience stays interested in suspense.

At first glance, this movie appears to be about getting married and combining families, but the movie had an intense depth and message that shone through the laughter.

With the secrets and lies that enter the movie as the drama intensifies, you soon learn that the problems portrayed in this film are an everyday situation that can happen in anyone’s life.

Jason is put in the situation where he has to choose between love and family; on the other side, Sabrina ended up having to do the same, but instead she had the decision of if she wanted to deal with his family if they get married.

The two go into a spiral, and as they go down the loop, more is added to their problems.

Mrs. Taylor and Sabrina’s mom Mrs. Watson (Angela Bassett) show how strong black women can stand up and admit their wrongs even after damage has been done.

As the audience is hit with drama, there is still laughter in the movie that will bring a tear to your eye.

The message of this movie shows that no matter what your background is, when you are in love nothing else should matter.

People judge one another off of their background all the time.

After watching this movie, you see that no matter how we grew up we all still make the same mistakes and we still have to fix them.

Jumping the Broom is a “must see” and it was definitely worth my time.

3 comments on “Jumping the Broom
  1. A ‘must see’? hardly. this was an enjoyable film to wait and see on netflix or hbo but not to see at the theaters. there were so many plot holes that several 18 wheelers could have driven through them. and dont get me started on the mediocrity of the two leads. for the life of me i don’t see what is so wonderful about this film. the one positive i can’t take away is the scenery. but as for the acting, writing, direction, and production…they were all flawed. the music was another plus. all in all, do not pay ticket prices, this film is not worth that.

  2. Where to begin… normally I would say that there is no such thing as a wrong opinion, but when it comes to such an insipid meet the parents knock-off race comedy, your opinion is very, very wrong and hardly legible to boot. Do they really pay people for writing such garbage?

  3. Actually, after seeing what else you have reviewed, I am much less surprised. I see good taste is lost on you.

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