Happy Feet 2

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Happy Feet revisits audiences around the globe with a captivating sequel that is pleasant enough to freeze your eyes on the big screen.

Returning its spectators to the glorious continent of Antarctica, this movie brings out the happy for people of all ages.

These penguins are “bringing fluffy back” and it’s colder than ever. Mumble is the returning character from the first Happy Feet movie. He continues on to be the best tap-dancing penguins, but still can’t carry a tune like the rest of his tribe, yet he still makes it up with his outstanding dancing skills.

He now has a child whom Mumble sees a lot of himself in. His name is Erik, a chick who stands out with a dream of becoming the first penguin to fly.

Like father like son, Erik is also a little different. He feels down in the dumps when he finds out he has two left feet, feeling like he has no talent to call his own. Unfortunately, we find out that Erik is choreo-phobic and has a fear of dancing.

After an embarrassing act trying to tap dance like his father, Erik and his two friends run away with another penguin, Ramon. Voiced by Robin Williams, he leads Erik and his buddies to his terrain, the Adelie-land, another colony of foreign penguins.

Mumble follows the chicks’ tracks that were left behind, eventually finds them, and orders them to return back to their homeland, Emperor-Land. Mumble finds Erik, who adopts the Mighty Sven as a hero. The great Sven is a bird who has made others believe he is the only penguin that can fly.

He encourages Erik to believe in himself; that anything is possible, including the ability, flight. Later on in the film, Sven confesses to everyone that he isn’t a penguin. He tells the colony that he is nothing more than just an ordinary puffin.

Due to climate change, an ice shelf collapses, putting the colony of penguins in peril by trapping them in a steep-walled valley. After Mumble, Erik, and his other friends return, they find the trapped Emperor population, and it’s up to them and the cooperation of other aquatic animals to work together and dance to save the day.

With this movie, audiences will come across a famous array of actors like Elijah Wood (Mumble), Robin Williams (Ramon and Lovelace), Brad Pitt (Will the Krill) and Matt Damon (Bill the Krill), who voice some of Happy Feet’s hilarious characters.

The scenes in this movie are filled with awe and contain scenes that are considered heartwarming and satisfying.

One of the most engaging and astounding parts in the film is the voyage made by two tiny krill, Will and Bill. Played by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, these two entertaining marine crustaceans debate about the meaning of life, embark on an existential journey, and become a colossal role later in the movie.

The movie has its great share of laughs, most of which these moments come from the two krill.

The animation is dazzling and attractive. You can be assured that the graphical, 3-D animated landscapes in the film won’t disappoint you, and the music hasn’t lost its appeal when it comes to singing catchy songs.

The juke-box musical colony of penguins sing their beaks off performing melodies from Queen to Pink. Queen being one of the most influential bands of the 20th century, their songs are incredibly fun to sing along to such as: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘We Are the Champions.’

While Pink also has its captivating lyrics to show for, the attitude of this artist completely reflects the mood the penguins express in a segment of the motion picture. You will expect a number of cover songs by famous musical artists such as; Justin Timberlake, LL Cool J, and Janet Jackson.

The bottom line is: if you enjoy dancing and take pleasure in singing, there is no problem watching this fun family film.

Sequels sometimes have that tendency of redeeming its predecessor unsuccessfully, but with the motion picture being profusely delightful and charming, this movie is absolutely “one in a krillion.”