Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Most viewers were likely expecting something along the lines of “Transformers” when looking at trailers for this film. Luckily, “Battleship” is nowhere near as terrible as “Transformers.”

It is exceptionally dumb, though.

The film’s tonal commitment is possibly its sole redeeming quality. “Battleship” is not particularly clever, but at least it is consistent. There are no random jokes thrown in, very little in the way of romantic sub-plots, and it doesn’t try to be anything it isn’t.

“Battleship” made the decision to cast many non-traditional actors in pretty big roles, including bilateral, above-the-knee amputee Gregory D. Gadson as an amputee adjusting to his new prosthetic legs. Pop singer Rihanna is also cast as a crew member aboard one of the destroyers featured in the film.

While neither are absolutely terrible, they still clearly have no idea what they’re doing. There are also plenty of other roles filled by military veterans, all of whom try their best, but their lack of acting experience shows through.

“Battleship” is filled with schlock and camp and at times is actually entertaining, if you can appreciate a really dumb movie.

While “Battleship” is not as awful as the “Transformers” films, it still isn’t anything to write home about.