Cold Days

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Jim Butcher’s “Cold Days” is the latest release in his bestselling series, “The Dresden Files.” Though it is the 14th book in the series, it is well written and fast paced enough that new readers should feel comfortable picking it up. However, a lot of the events that take place in this book tie into other books in the series, specifically the fourth.

After solving his own murder and coming back from the dead, wizard Harry Dresden is back and fulfilling his new role as the Winter Knight, the hit man for the Unseelie Faerie Queen Mob. He struggles with his new power and the temptation it brings throughout the book. He also has to figure out who he can trust, why people are trying to kill him, and how he’ll manage to stop the destruction of the earth—pretty standard stuff for a Dresden Files book.

There is a reason Butcher is hailed as the dean of contemporary or urban fantasy. His books are consistently well written, action packed, and full of hilarious comedic relief. I would have given the book five stars, but fourteen books in to the series, the plots have become a little too formulaic. Though I never see his twists coming, I can tell from his previous books when a major event is going to occur in the story. That method of writing is not exactly a fault, though. His pattern works extremely well, but at this point in the series it doesn’t seem as fresh or original.

Without giving away any spoilers, I can say that some of the main characters of the series will be forever changed by the events of this book.