A haunted review

My Morbid Mind, located in Hawks Prairie, is one of the few haunted houses within driving distance of Olympia. It is also incredibly scary.

As one attendee said, “The guy that puts this together is a former Hollywood special effects engineer. There is no competition.”

My Morbid Mind is truly a terrifying experience.

Due to the constant scares and bewildering effects, you can’t help but lose track of time and even self awareness, giving into the terror creeping down your spine and having an amazing time.

The setup is in a large barn, with roasted corn and popcorn being sold outside.

Guests are blasted with heavy metal music and occasionally frightened by several scary surprises while waiting in line.

They are then herded into a small room where a short, half slap-stick and half bizarre film, is played for them. After the film concludes, they are ushered into the main attraction in small groups.

Most of the scares leading up to this point are somewhat cheap or silly, making one think that the actual meat of the haunted house could turn out to be sub-par. It certainly is not.

The various rooms are designed to bewilder and confuse, with long stretches of completely dark walkway, flashing strobes and even rooms tilted sideways.

This serves to put your guard down, depriving your senses and confusing you, before bombarding you with truly terrifying scares ranging from running through a room filled with hanging bodies, actively having to push them out of the way to continue, to bizarre demonic children and glowing neon monsters.

One downside to My Morbid Mind is the location in rural Hawks Prairie. It is somewhat difficult to find and once there, depending on the day you attend, and the crowd is often filled with high school aged “tough guys” who have come, not to be scared, but to mock the process.

Of course, watching them come running out of the maze with sheer terror in their eyes before they quickly pretend that they weren’t just scared half to death can be quite entertaining.

The price at $10 can also be something of a sticking point, but with a student ID card the price is reduced to $9.

Directions and more information can be found at mymorbidmind.com