Stop complaining: Students have a voice, and they should use it

Students complain about how their school is run without trying to take part in the process.

The inner workings of a campus are complicated to say the least. They require immense effort from many different people, all aiding in the larger picture. It takes numerous individuals to accomplish goals within the system, and it is often a tedious process. Therefore, you cannot always simply blame one or two people with administrative authority.

Every student should become involved in their school in some form or another. This is especially pertinent if they are a repeat critic of how it is run. How can people complain if they are not willing to step up?

Sometimes serious problems do occur within a school’s administration. In those cases, student activism can prove most effective. Standing up and speaking out against a certain policy or process can really make a difference. However, that is not the only way to make your voice heard.

Students make up over half of the Service and Activities Fee Committee each year at SPSCC.

According to Dean of Student Services Dave Rector, all students are welcome to apply, and when selecting applicants to participate in the committee, he and the committee chair seek as much diversity in student interests as possible. This ensures as much of the collective school community’s voice gives input into how S&A fees are awarded.

While any student is eligible to apply, relatively few do. While this is not surprising, I don’t think it will remain this way.

The S&A Fee Committee makes a recommendation for the allocation of funds from student fees, and the Board of Trustees almost always votes in favor of that recommendation.

This means student representatives have a direct influence on the amount of money granted to clubs, Student employee and Student Life staff salaries, diversity education, athletics and more – programs and administration that directly impact the campus we all belong to.

Bettering our education requires involvement. Not only is our experience significantly more fulfilling when we become involved in any way outside of the classroom, but involvement also allows us to help customize our education and use the resources at our disposal.

The choice is up to each student whether or not they want to take the next step in their education. Think of our education as a reflection of our lives as a whole. Do we want to be involved in our lives or just simply survive with a passive attitude? Students are already taking the first step in becoming an active participant in their own lives by enrolling in an institution of higher education. Now it’s time to get involved in that higher education.

Opportunities are plentiful if students seek them out. Not all of these opportunities are easy to see, and many of them will not find us. We should take initiative, and find something to apply some of our passion to on campus, whether it be student employment, club involvement, or assuming a position assisting the administration.

Everyone at SPSCC makes up the campus community. A community relies on not just a few individuals, but in truth, on everyone. The student body as a whole needs to be a part of our campus community. We can make a real difference and enrich your life and the lives of others.