Religion is at fault, not free speech

I believe that free speech should be protected, under all circumstances. No one should ever have to hold their tongue for fear of insulting another person.

In this particular circumstance, some jerk uploaded a video to the Internet in the hopes that it would elicit some sort of response. Unfortunately, he got exactly the kind of response he was hoping for. Innocent people were killed during the riots this video caused. While the outcome was truly devastating, I do not believe that he, or we, the American people, should be forced to apologize.

There has been a lot of talk for the need to “find a balance” between freedom of speech and freedom of religion since these events happened. That is an argument that I cannot agree with.
Yes, the video was incredibly racist. Yes, people have been bullying Muslims. None of that changes the fact that we should not have to bite our tongues and hold our thoughts in light of other peoples` religious sensitivity.

I would have the same response if the video had bashed any other major religion. Though I myself am an Atheist, I do not care what other people believe. If they believe the world is 2,000 years old and it was made in seven days, okay. If they believe Jesus will return to Missouri, fine.

Will I ever hold back just because I think something I may say might offend them? No. I feel completely comfortable saying that I believe religion is the number one source of evil in the world. It corrupts human beings and turns them against each other. It makes it so that instead of viewing “The Innocence of Muslims” as a stupid, hateful video someone uploaded to YouTube, it instead becomes something worth killing over.

These were horrible events. No one can deny that. However, that does not mean we should even for one second entertain the idea of taking away part of our freedom of speech.