Professor input: English guru Patrick Taggesell

English guru, Patrick Taggesell. Photo by Kathryn Herron.

On Voting

I really don’t care if you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, or any other political party. I do care that you care. Please vote. Generally speaking, our candidates, whatever their party and whatever their level, are friendly and look forward to hearing student voices. If you don’t speak up, either in person or with your ballot, then they will decide for you.

On Co-operation

Please listen to whatever you do not agree with. Look for opportunities to cross bridges. Compromise is not exciting, and it does not get the blood boiling like righteous indignation. What it does do is create ways to move forward. The people on the other side are people, who have made choices that reflect their beliefs. Please respect this, and consider that “they” are not all fools.

You will lose things that you care about when you compromise, that’s why it’s called “compromise”. If you didn’t lose something, then it would be called “winning” (which is something else altogether). Perhaps we can all give up something that is important to us and build something greater by working together.