National debates

Despite even my bias on the fact that everything Mitt Romney represents gives me major creeps, I hope it is pretty obvious to everyone, including Romney supporters, that he and his running mate will continue to change their opinions, and prospective policies until election day, and if elected, throughout their term. This has been present throughout Romney’s entire career, including changes of stance on issues such as tax cuts, reproductive rights, and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Questioning rights.

It seems to me that a lot of these issues should not even be up for debate, but since they are, I hope we can realize the ridiculousness of Romney’s “plans”, and how he presents them. His fixation with drilling and oil is also a bit terrifying.

The debates bring a few thoughts to mind. Most relevantly, they are hardly of any use except entertainment, and the invoking of millions of infuriated Facebook statuses. And, because of this, I want to urge everyone who is voting, (hopefully everyone who legally can vote,) to fact check, and fact check and fact check again. As politicians do, both candidates have debate answers riddled with lies and empty promises.

I would like to say, also, that who “won” which debate is hardly worth recognizing at all. I surely hope that the ability to govern our entire nation passes far beyond some silly, two hour debates.

It’s also ridiculous that the other 14 other candidates, whom are each on the nationwide ballot, including Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, don’t get to participate in a real debate, but instead a short, television interview-like, hardly-watched discussion type thing. With our country in the state that it is, I deem it completely counterproductive to further the obnoxious democrat-republican binary.