Marijuana legalization

Not only are we currently wasting money arresting people for something as minor as cannabis possession, but it’s ridiculous that we allow people to smoke tobacco and drink alcohol, both of which have addictive properties and serious health risks. Now, this is not to say that cannabis doesn’t have any risks, but it certainly is no worse than tobacco and alcohol.

I find it interesting that the initiative states that possession would be legal for those 21 and older. Why is it that one can buy cigarettes when they’re 18, but can’t legally drink and won’t be able to legally have marijuana? I do want this initiative to pass, but I also think the law needs to be more consistent on age limits. Either be able to use all three of the aforementioned substances at age 18, or all of them at 21.

By taxing the cultivators, distributors, and consumers of cannabis, the state will bring in money, which will go towards healthcare and substance abuse prevention education.

Although I do believe the initiative should pass, I’m not sure that it’s enough. If this bill is passed, it is necessary that we continue to revise and add to it. There should be an added clause legalizing personal use cultivation. If this bill passes, we have a better chance of getting even more lenient laws in place.
Prohibition of alcohol didn’t work in the 1920’s and marijuana prohibition is not working now. Some people are going to grow marijuana whether it’s legal or not. Others will continue to possess more than an ounce if they regularly already do so.

This initiative is a good start, but it isn’t enough to really change anything for most people. So even though I believe that this initiative has too much regulation, we’re better off passing it.