Marijuana legalization

When discussing cannabis legalization, my opinions are not definite. Personally, I believe that the use of marijuana and other cannabis products should not be legally prohibited. However, the regulations surrounding the use need to be much more specific and encompassing than the criteria described in Initiative 502.

I do not see a problem with allowing citizens to cultivate, distribute or purchase these products. My skepticism for the initiative spawns from a question of the action that will be taken against individuals who flout the new allowances. Though when used responsibly, these products are not immensely hazardous. What happens when more money can be gained by cutting corners and consequently causing problems?

Governor Christine Gregoire’s opposition of the initiative is not unreasonable. Concerns about cultivation and enforcement gaps in the initiative are valid and definitely a main source of my own hesitation. To me, the bill seems to have been developed under the pressure of ulterior motives. The missing details suggest that an emphasis was directed more towards the potential revenue a legal cannabis industry could create, rather than focusing on the affects such an initiative could have in Washington.